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Year End/Year Beginning Ruminations (Contributions wanted and welcome from everyone)

Hi all, I wanted to post some ruminations on trading that hit me this year. Most of this is common sense, but sometimes it helps to put it to words or to see others who are going through it.
So, this is not a pity party for Huachi, instead it is a hard but good lesson learned that I need to pass on;. I like this sub, I'm an experienced trader (FX and stock) with a decent background in options and Futures, and was trying to be actively involved in TheWallStreet as well as growing my trading capital and my retirement accounts. Back in September, I had a family emergency that was medical in nature. This required my total attention, with emergency time off from work, where I had to care for that family member medically (I'm in the medical field, I do this for a living, and it still was a massive undertaking), as well as dealing with the fallout of that person's life choices. This is soft language for I love this person but their life can be a trainwreck that I had clean up. This meant 100% mental energy 100% of the time for 2 months solid, burning FMLA the whole time. I was not in the mind to do anything else, but unfortunately right after hitting the ground, I took an open position that turned out to be a bad idea - I was short /LE and /ZS in the form of long puts, and took that position just prior to a hurricane scare (which spiked Soybeans) as well as a bull market (no pun... well maybe not) for cattle. I held till death, no stop loss, no reflection, no GTFO we are in trouble. This cost me a good 8K in trading capital that I sorely needed and still need today.
When you are massively stressed, your worst trading habits, whatever they are, will come out in spades. Gambler? You are going to be hitting the craps table with your account. Revenge trader? You'll hold till you die on something that you would have bailed on during normal times. Poor sizer? Risking 100% with no stop loss is the par.... you get the drift. Your worst habits will come out in droves. I'm a seasoned trader and investor, but I have horrible impulse control that I have had to overcome with years of work to be successful in doing this. Self analyze, and realize that the same battle you fight everyday doing this wonderful trading business is going to be amplified exponentially in a stressor.
My advice to most of you (not all, because some would be able to focus, but most won't) is to exit all positions when a true, bad ass emergency happens. I don't care how confident you are in them, if you cannot treat this trading as a second career and keep those positions under your hawk's eye, and start to back burner it, it is going to burn you. Exit all positions immediately, even at a loss, come back with a clear head when the situation has resolved. Family emergency, girl/boy emergency, your children emergency, work emergency, whatever, being open during this can kill you. I wish I had that 8K back, but I don't. Between that loss and then the output of almost 20K of my own cash money just to pay bills, I have a tiny trading account now!!
EDIT: This wasn't rent money.
Which brings me to this. I don't see it as much here as I do on other subs (especially Forex and WSB), but there are enough new traders that I see trying to trade gamble their way out of a dead end job or unhappy career. Many of the traders here, especially the ones wielding big gains, already have established, well paying careers in professional fields. I am one of them. Your earnings flow from your sweat equity. I spent years in a dead end, high hours, low pay and low reward job trying to wagegamble/trade my way out of a life that was unhappy. Now, that gave me a solid experience base, but trying to flip $300 in Forex money into spendable cash was just not going to happen, at least for me.... and this is true for most traders. You want a career that is intellectually and fiscally rewarding and that leaves you with some free time. I recognize that this is Dad advice, but your trading will prosper once you have a good career that produces healthy revenue that you can trade. As well, when faced with the aforementioned emergency, you can re-capitalize in a relatively short time and get back to work. I estimate I should be OK by March/April for funds... but I don't want to tempt the Gods.
Total right turn here, but do you have a Roth IRA? I am a believer in this vehicle. The benefit of a Roth is that whatever gains you make you keep. You pay no taxes as what goes into the Roth is after tax money. This means you can amplify your earnings. Your Roth maximum contribution is capped at $5500 per year for 2018, but as you grow that, you owe no taxes. Roth is a retirement account accessible at 59 1/2 years, and also can serve as an emergency fund because it has some accessibility as one. In short, get a Roth! You aren't being eaten by quarterly taxes, and you can grow yours wonderfully.
Good luck everybody. Ruminations, advice, comments, and snide remarks are welcome below.
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Markets sense relief after French vote

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Markets were worried that the far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon was creeping ahead of Mr Macron, giving voters a choice between two eurosceptic candidates.
"As things stand, Macron is on course to be the next French president, so it is likely that we see a recovery in risk appetite toward French and other European markets."
"The market's initial reaction was stronger than expected. It means that many people had their guard up ahead of the vote," Yuji Saito, Tokyo-based forex director at Credit Agricole, told AFP.Rallying around Macron.
Mr McGuire cautioned that, after the UK Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump in the US, no one should take anything for granted ahead of the second round on 7 May. Pro-European Mr Macron was the Socialist finance minister until the autumn, when he quit to set up the En Marche movement, which proposes tax and spending cuts.
Octavio Marenzi, chief executive of the financial research consultancy Opimas, in Paris, said: "Macron will be reassuring to markets, with his pledge to lower corporate taxes and to lighten the administrative burden on firms. He basically represents continuity."
"Firstly, Macron is a politically stable, centrist candidate, almost like France's Obama... He is considered a safe pair of hands. Secondly, it helps to solidify the future of the EU and the euro, something that Marine Le Pen wants to destroy."
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Le FOREX pour les DÉBUTANTS - YouTube MA MÉTHODE POUR GAGNER DE L'ARGENT EN TRADING FOREX AU ... QU'EST CE QUE LE FOREX? - YouTube Qu’est-ce que le TRADING sur FOREX ? - YouTube Comment fonctionne le Forex - YouTube

Le pip est de 0,0001 pour toutes les paires de monnaies, sauf celles qui comprennent le Yen - dans ce cas le pip est de 0,01. Si l´EURUSD passe de 1,3331 à 1,3335, il y a eu une variation de 4 pips. Les opportunités du marché. 7. Le Forex vous donne la possibilité de réaliser des transactions 24h/24, du lundi au vendredi. 8. Comment fonctionne le marché Forex; Comment ouvrir un compte de démonstration pour s’entraîner a trader; comment analyser un graphique de marché ; Comment prendre position pour profiter des mouvements du marché et gagner de l'argent; Nous verrons également un plan de trading efficace pour facilement détecter et trader des configurations avec un fort potentiel de gains. Il n'y a rien ... Le FOREX (une abréviation pour « foreign exchange ») est un marché d’investisseurs, dont des banques et des caisses de retraite, qui s’échangent des devises. Par exemple, un investisseur peut promettre d’échanger un nombre déterminé de dollars canadiens à un autre investisseur, qui en retour lui promet un nombre déterminé de yens japonais. Un investisseur pourra faire des ... Comment gagner sur le marché forex ? Lorsque vous négociez sur le Forex, vous devez prendre en compte les fluctuations de prix des différentes paires de devises avec lesquelles nous opérons, pour gagner de l’argent. Cela peut être fait que les prix de la bonne hausse ou baisse. La priorité des investisseurs Forex est d’essayer d’acheter bas et de vendre haut, mais comment savoir ... Grâce à cet article vous allez comprendre en 5 minutes comment fonctionne le Forex. Le Forex cela signifie Foreign Exchange. C’est le marché des devises. On y négocie des paires de devises : EUR/USD (paire appelée la fibre), GBP/USD (appelée le câble), GBP/JPY, etc. Tout investisseur qui souhaite se lancer dans le trading sur devises doit comprendre comment le forex fonctionne et les termes de bases de ce marché. Tester le trading forex sur un compte de démonstration sur est une façon d'apprendre et de mieux comprendre le forex. Les Cotations Forex - Explication . La paire de devises est une notion clé pour les fondements de transactions sur Forex ... Découvrez comment trader le forex et apprenez le trading en ligne pour faire des gains. En savoir plus! ZEW et IFO - Trader avec l'Indice allemand du climat économique Les indices ZEW & IFO du climat économique permettent de mieux anticiper les marchés boursiers et vous aider à rentrer en position. Découvrez comment! 11 indicateurs économiques qui impactent le marché Forex Découvrez ... Le forex un marché accessible. L’un des avantages imminent du Forex c’est que vous pourrez commencer à trader, même avec une petite somme. La liquidité. Le Forex est un marché avec une forte liquidité notamment avec l’offre et la demande qui est plutôt constante. Le Forex est ouvert 24 h/24 et 5 jours/7 Comment peut-on définir le Forex ? Le trading Forex est tout aussi facile à aborder, que difficile à maîtriser pleinement. Le Forex, ou le Foreign Exchange comme on l’appelle aussi dans les pays anglo-saxons, est tout simplement le plus gros marché de change au monde. Ainsi, on peut y échanger toutes sortes de paires de devises, comme le GBP/USD, ou encore l’EUR/USD. Par ailleurs, le ... Le marché des devises, également appelé ForEx (pour Foreign Exchange) est le marché le plus liquide et le plus volumineux après celui de la dette (taux). Il est estimé à 5.000 milliards de ...

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Le FOREX pour les DÉBUTANTS - YouTube

🎓FORMATIONS COMPLÈTES : 🎁FORMATION OFFERTE EN BOURSE : ⬇️ PLUS D'INFORMATIONS ... 🎁CLIQUE ICI pour augmenter tes revenus grâce à notre Nouvelle FORMATION BOURSE OFFERTE ️ ↓ PLUS D'INFOS ↓ Le ... Comment fonctionne le Forex ? Avant de se lancer dans quoi que ce soit, le mieux est encore de savoir comment ça fonctionne. Et ben voici une vidéo pour conn... pourquoi le forex est le marche le plus profitable pour moi et comment je gagne de l'argent en trading au quotidien ↓ pour acceder a la formation a la strate... TESTER LA DEMO GRATUITE :!/fr/compte-demo/step/1Les CFD sont des instruments complexes et présentent un risque élevé de pert...